These Illustrations Have a Vintage Feel to Them

With almost 60k followers on Instagram pattern designer and illustrator Brianda Fitz-James Stuart is embraced by the art scene at large. “To meet me, the best thing is to look at my work,” she writes on her website.“Drawing is my way of traveling to a world where plants, animals, naked bodies, eyes, and esoteric symbols are waiting for me,” she adds poetically.

Indeed, her work adds up to a colorful collection of symbols, arranged in patterns waiting to be deciphered. Plants and animals are recurring themes, but also fashion and textiles, with an overall air of mythology.

These themes also tie with her background, having studied fashion design at the European Institute of Design. She has also worked for the painter Paul Balmer and studied drawing and painting for a year at The Art Student League of New York.

A full-time illustrator and designer, over the years Fitz-James Stuart has been habitually collaborating with brands like Vans, Sony, Bvlgari, and L’Oréal. “I draw for fashion brands, magazines, and fanzines,” she says. She also works as a DJ, explaining that DJing is her way of telling people what inspires, moves and drives her.

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