Stay-At-Home Mom Decorates Tasty Looking Cookies

Boston-based baker and a mom of three, Eileen loves baking and decorating gorgeous (and mouthwatering) cookies.

“Before kids, I made a living as a web designer,” she recently wrote on Instagram. “After kids, I’ve been perfecting the role of ‘exhausted stay-at-home mom’ to a crazy little pack of boys.”

“Parenting is HARD!” she admitted. “But cookie decorating makes for a nice creative outlet. My cookie adventure started a few years ago, but until recently was pretty sporadic (holidays, fundraisers, special occasions). As my kids get older I’m finding more time in my days (and nights) to focus on improving my skills. For those who don’t already know, cookie decorating is a BIG time commitment. Here’s to a very patient husband! Thanks so much for stopping by! It’s been a lot of fun sharing my cookies with you.”

Check out some of her more creative designs in the gallery below.