These Gorgeous DIY Paper Lamps Will Add Some Magic To Your Home

Lamps usually have no particular design and just melt into the background. Even though they provide us light and are definitely irreplaceable on our nightstands, we rarely pay attention to their design.

But OWL paper lamps are much more than providers of light. These amazingly creative objects change the very definition of a night table lamp. The unique brand was created in 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal by its owners Hugo and Teresa and has been producing its highly demanded, eye-catching lamps ever since.

The main inspiration for these one-of-a-kind designs is origami, the Japanese art of folding paper. By using paper, they manage to play with all kinds of incredible shapes and create different animals that both adults and children will love. Every OWL paper lamp comes with a DIY paper craft kit, so you can build the desired lamp yourself. The end result will be a striking addition to your home.

Get an instant dose of inspiration by checking out their creations below!