Russian Makeup Artist Gives His Clients a “Cinderella Effect” and the Results are Astonishing!

Kids love playing with makeup. And let us be honest, we all have opened up mom’s makeup bag and explored its treasure. Vadim Andreev from Russia went through a similar adventure and stuck to it by becoming a makeup artist who is loved by clients from all around his country.

On his Instagram account, he shares images of “before” and “after” looks, which transformation he calls “a Cinderella effect.”

“I always liked the idea of magical transformation. I always want people to feel wonderful, refreshed, and beautiful. By creating my before and after photos, I wanted to show that we can look different and express our beauty in different ways, and it’s fun,” Andreev shared in an interview for Bored Panda and added after two decades of being a makeup artist, he still enjoys and gets excited whenever he picks up a makeup brush.

To see more of the unbelievable transformations, check out the gallery below and tell us which one was your favorite. Do you like doing your makeup or do you prefer rocking a “natural” look?