Rescued Cat Inspired Her Owner to Make Funny Comics

Lucas Turnbloom, a cartoonist from Southern California, and his wife adopted a cute and playful little cat back in 2017. Little did they know that this event and their furry new friend would change their lives for better and inspire Lucas to write one of his best and most popular comics.

His black and white comics called How To Cat is mostly based on Sweetie’s adventures and mischief. Now, this sweet fur ball has thousands of followers on social media who can’t wait for Lucas to publish new funny comics.

“The comic was originally intended to be an inside joke for my wife and I, but she insisted that I put it on the internet and share it with the world. The strip seems to have found an audience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – which is incredible,” Lucas said to Bored Panda.

Sweetie has changed several homes before the couple finally found her in a shelter and gave her a loving forever home. Now she’s inspiring Lucas and his followers from all around the world and bringing joy into our lives.