Girl With a Sleeping Disorder Turns Her Bizarre Dreams Into Funny Comics

Anita Myrvang is a graphic designer, illustrator, and creative mind behind the About Last Night Instagram page where she’s publishing her funny, sometimes bizarre, illustrations. An interesting thing about Anita’s work is that her illustrations are some sort of therapy because all of them are inspired by her dreams.

This UK-based artist has always had extremely vivid and weird dreams that later turned into a serious sleep disorder when she became an adult.

“Vivid dreams combined with night terrors and PTSD-induced nightmares made for an exhausting mix, to say the least, and every single day, I would dread going to sleep, thinking “what is going to happen tonight?” Some nights, I couldn’t fall asleep at all,” Anita told Bored Panda.

At least one good thing came out of this difficult situation when Anita’s boyfriend suggested she should start drawing her dreams and posting them online. This is how About Last Night came to life. Even though the artist doubted that anyone would be interested in her work, she soon garnered a following and has even turned her illustrations into a book.