Pop Culture Characters Reimagined as Fans of Luxury Brands

Iconic pop culture characters get reimagined all the time, but rarely in a way that Gal Yosef does it. This talented self-taught Israeli artist transforms the beloved characters to fans of luxury brands.

In Yosef’s works, Pikachu is a Supreme diehard who seemingly does some business on the side by trading crypto. SpongeBob Squarepants is reimagined as a pipe-smoking character dressed in a stylish Louis Vuitton suit, while DragonBall Z’s Vegeta poses dressed in Prada.

Yosef has been interested in digital art since a young age, starting to experiment with 3D software as a 13-year-old. Over the years, he honed his skills, got familiar with various new tools, and developed his own style.

His unique artworks not only got him recognition on social media but also prompted the famous Eden Gallery to sign him when he was 26. This made him their youngest signee and the first 3D artist to exhibit his work in the gallery.

“I’m not working on deadlines for my artworks, I don’t have any limits, and even if it will take years for each artwork, I’ll finish it only when I’ll feel that it’s perfect and my idea is clear,” he told Vogue magazine in a recent interview.

Check out more of Yosef’s works below.