This Artist Recreates Pet Photos as Adorable Illustrations

Instagram user @no0tahuman has a rare ability to make pets look even cuter than they already are. And they do it by turning pet photos into adorable illustrations.

This artist has a unique style that combines attention to detail and artistic freedom. While all the illustrated pets share the majority of features with their real-life counterparts, they also get big eyes that make them absolutely irresistible.

The illustrations done by no0tahuman remind us of older Disney cartoons and that is not by chance. As it turns out, watching Disney cartoons actually prompted them to start making art.

“I dream of working there someday and really want to become an animator, this is my dream, it appeared almost at the time when I started drawing,” @no0tahuman told Bored Panda in a recent chat.

What started as a hobby, turned into a career for this talented artist. They graduated from art school and are now a full-time artist. This includes working on new content for social media and doing commissions from people who want to have their pets immortalized as adorable illustrations.

You can find more of @no0tahuman’s works on their Instagram page or by continuing to scroll and checking our favorites.