People Are Amazed After Finding Out How Koalas are Weighed

Have you ever wondered how koalas are weighed? Probably not, but you’ll still want to find out the answer to this intriguing question.

Koalas are usually calm animals that spend their days relaxing on a tree. But when removed from the tree, they can be really energetic. This is why it’s hard to keep them still on a weight scale and get a correct reading.

In order to deal with this little hiccup, the animal experts have devised an amazing method to weigh a koala effortlessly.

The process starts with placing a tree branch on a weight scale. Then the scale gets reset to zero, and the koala is placed on the branch. This way, the animal will remain still, and the experts can get a correct reading.

This method first came under the light last year, when staff at Australia’s Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park shared an adorable photo of a koala resting on a tree branch while being weighed. According to the staff, regular weight checks are important to make sure koalas are “staying healthy, putting on weight and keeping it on.”

Recently, weighing koalas became a hot topic once again when Reddit user flyart shared an adorable video of the same method. This time, however, the koala didn’t like the tree it was one and was constantly trying to ditch it. Naturally, the internet users fell in love with the clip, being amazed by the process as well as the rebellious attitude of the koala.