Linda Yoshida is Bringing Back the Art of Handwriting

Calligraphy is quite literally the art of beautiful handwriting. Deriving from the Greek words for “beauty” (kallos) and “to write” (graphein), it proves the endless creativity that is to be had by simply putting pen to paper. But the act of calligraphy is anything but simple—master calligraphers take years and years to hone their craft. And calligraphy artist, Linda Yoshida, is proudly bringing this vintage art back to life.

After years of dipping her pen into ink, Linda Yoshida still considers herself a perpetual student of calligraphy as she works her way to excellence with every pen stroke.

With some 20k fans on Instagram, Yoshida’s first introduction to the art of handwriting was in the sixth grade. “My teacher had the most beautiful handwriting and taught us basic Italic Hand,” she recalled in an interview with The Pen Company. “I was so inspired by her that I would sit at my desk after finishing my homework and practice my cursive over and over.”

Little did she know that it was the beginning of a lifelong journey. Over the years, Yoshida studied with master calligraphers and is now a proud member of the Society for Calligraphy guild in Southern California and volunteers as the Lead Graphic Designer for the guild’s Calligraph journal. But to this day, she continues to attend classes and workshops, with the notion that practice makes perfect.

“Calligraphy is a life-long learning experience,” says Yoshida. “We need to be constantly learning and honing our skills in order for calligraphy to stay relevant, and to keep up with the changing times and client requests. I firmly believe that to be a good calligrapher, we need to study from the old masters.”

A perpetual student, Yoshida might just teach you a lesson or two about writing and dedication. Follow her Instagram page for more.