Follow This Australian Illustrator Who Adores Animals

Australia is perhaps best known for its diverse wildlife and incredible landscapes, which include gorges, rock formations, caves, and coral reefs. So it makes perfect sense that Perth-based illustrator and graphic designer, Rebecca Mills, centers her work around the natural world.

With a special focus on the animal kingdom, Mills’ illustrations feature anything from turtles to lemurs (Mills adores especially wombats, capybaras, and giant anteaters). Her work—bright, bold, and full of character—is made to appeal to children, introducing them to the natural world. Mills herself grew up in a small farming town in Western Australia, and was fascinated with animals early on.

“My work is a collection of tongue-in-cheek storytelling pieces, that generally feature a caricature of an animal,” she told Pretty Picture Club. “I’m now doing more creative illustration work for clients such as primary schools and local community events, and hope to expand more into children’s illustration and mural work.”

Selected clients also include Procreate, Australia Post, Crocodile Creek, and Perth Zoo. Her illustrations also feature in the Aussie Alphabet book, a book with “26 pretty silly pages of Australian animals doing people things”, Mills joked in a recent Instagram post.

Her silly, delightful animals will delight your inner child!