Oil Painter Who Inherited Her Talent From Her Mother And Grandmother is Now an Award-Winning Artist

Artist Kathryn Engberg is a 25-year-old oil painter lives and works in Queens, New York. Her art is so remarkable that a filmmaker called Bas Berkhout made a short documentary about her life and work.

“As a painter of people myself, I tried to give Bas total control to capture what felt compelling to him,” the artist told Colossal. “As someone so self-admittedly interested in being in the audience, it was strange to see myself as the focus. But I trusted Bas to create a wonderful piece.”

For Engberg, her mother and grandmother were her role models, they were both talented artist as well, who she inherited her talent and love for painting. She was watching them doing create art since she was a little girl.

Now Engberg is an award-winning artist with a degree in art, who works as a principal instructor at an atelier school.

Scroll down and take a look at her paintings below.