Artist Invents Objects To Pop Balloons

Norwegian artist Jan Hakon Erichsen is the creator of a project called Destruction Diary where he destructs things. In his latest series, the artist pops balloons in the weirdest ways. According to Erichsen, he “works within a variety of media focusing on topics like fear, anger, and frustration.”

The artist invents dangerous as well as dangerous tools to pop his balloons. Then, he documents his projects and shares them onto his Instagram account and later aggregates all of them into a compilation and posts it on YouTube.

The balloon destroyer graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, and has exhibited in galleries all over Norway and beyond. To learn more about Erichsen and his work, hop onto his website or Instagram account where he posts his projects.

He has more than 492 thousand Instagram followers and over 282 thousand people have watched him on his YouTube channel.

Scroll down and check him out.