Check Out These Unusual Passport Photos

Max Siedentopf is a 28-year-old Namibian-German visual artist, publisher, director at Riffraff, co-founder of Ordinary Magazine, and creative director and partner of Kesselkramer. The London-based Siedentopf came up with an idea to create his Passport Photos series while he was in the process of getting his picture taken to renew his passport.

“While sitting in front of the camera and keeping a straight face, I was wondering how something so dull could be ‘tricked’ and get some more excitement into the whole process of passport photography,” Siedentopf told Bored Panda.

Soon he asked his friends and strangers to pose for passport photos. When you see the images, there isn’t anything unusual, the participants have straight and rigid face, while below their shoulders they are wrapped in plastic bags, balancing full wine glasses along their arms, wearing a skirt made of toilet paper, etc.

You can see Siedentopf’s work on his Instagram account where he shares some of his photographs. Scroll down and take a look. Don’t forget to follow the arrows to see more amazing images.