Meet the Alien Princess of Instagram

Korean-American model, visual artist, and internet sensation Josephine Lee, AKA Princess Gollum, has carved a niche for herself on Instagram, creating a persona that is part angelic, part gothic.

Her unique aesthetic and creative spirit has drawn more than 120k followers on Instagram and led to collaborations with brands like Opening Ceremony, Milk Makeup, Obey, and Drink This Milk.

But it took her some time to fully establish her Princess Gollum persona. “I’ve been through a few identity shifts in the last 6 years of my internet kingdom before becoming Princess Gollum,” she told Flaunt. “Princess Gollum is someone you don’t want to mess with,” she explains. “She’s still sweet and kind but she’s tougher than ever now, she knows whats going on and she must be respected and protected at all costs.”

She’s also extremely cool. “I’m constantly inspired by the world around me,” says Lee. “I never know when I’ll be inspired. It could be of a sculpture made of spider webs then maybe I could be enamored by the trash I see floating down the drain. I’ve also noticed that inspiration is a perspective. I could see something one day and feel nothing at all then see it again in a different light and it would be everything to me.”

Her tip to other aspiring Instagram stars? “Don’t believe everything you see on the gram; Things may seem more real than they really are; Stay true to who you are and never compare yourself to others; Work as hard on your insides as much as you do on the outside; and tell your mother you love her, then tell yourself you love you.”

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