Learn the Tricks to Being a French Girl From This Makeup Artist

French makeup artist and Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder, known simply as Violette, takes Parisian chic to whole other level. The Paris-born, Brooklyn-based it-girl arrived in New-York at the age of 19 with no real plan and barely any English.

But through hard work, and after studying art and fashion, she turned into a YouTube and Instagram sensation, teaching her many followers the art of being a French girl. “YouTube came around from a weird reaction I had,” she shared with the Pardon My French podcast.

“I woke up one morning and I always scroll down Instagram when I wake up after my meditations, and I was seeing all these tutorials and I thought, damn, I don’t relate to any of them. I am sure there are other women like me who don’t relate to all the contouring and all the makeup. It’s so pretty seeing a woman do her makeup, maybe there is something poetic about it.”

So right then and there she decided to open her YouTube channel, with her first clip showing how she does her makeup in the car. “They said they couldn’t because the lighting would be terrible and I said I don’t care because it’s real life,” she recalled.

“In France we learn how to take care of what we have, what Mother Nature gave us,” she adds, talking about her beauty regimen. “We don’t do blow dryers or crazy hair, but we’ll do an incredible conditioner and hair masks. We won’t do tons of treatments and filler but we will do a wonderful facial every week and eat healthy.”

You can follow her tips and tricks on her Instagram page and YouTube channel.

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