Meet Beatrix and Midge: Instagram’s Cutest Odd Couple

When Beatrix, an adorable Bernese Mountain dog, got a little sister when she was only two years old, she didn’t really know what her human had gotten her into. The little sister was an energetic, annoying little black and white cat, which was promptly named Midge. Midge was always testing her older sister’s boundaries and patience. Luckily, as fed up as Beatrix may have gotten at times, she developed quite the soft spot for the little feline furball.

After years of putting up with the constant jumping around, playing, bugging, and cuddling, this odd couple has become inseparable – although little sisters are annoying forever.

Beatrix is now seven years old, and Midge is five. Their time together has been a great inspiration for their human, Bambi Edlund. Edlund has been an animal illustrator her whole life, and now she takes note from her two greatest muses. While this dog-cat pairing has inspired her to produce countless drawings, stuffed toys, and posters, you can also check out their crazy antics on their very own Instagram page, and view videos dating back to their first days together, as well as videos of their current, “grown-up” relationship.

Scroll down to check out the quirky dynamic between Beatrix and Midge: