Dean McRaine Proves Psychedelic is Forever with His Ceramics

Kaua’i-based Dean McRaine was working as a family therapist for many years. To deal with the stress from treating dysfunctional families on a regular basis, he started doing ceramics. Although he had always been an artist, he learned ceramics from scratch.

What began as a self-taught hobby became McRaine’s vocation. Even though he has been doing it for over 30 years, he says that with ceramics, he always feels like there is something new to learn.

And indeed, this man’s free spirit and passionate creativity led him to invent a new style of psychedelic pottery. For the last ten years, McRaine has been running his LightWave pottery shop in Hawaii, where he sells pottery made of colored clay with unique patterns and colors.

Rather than painting over ceramic, McRaine not only uses colored clay but also makes his own glazes. The process is very demanding, as he has to create blocks from multiple colors, cut them with wires, and put them into new molds. But the result is more than worth it. His pottery is a real work of art, and a real treat for fans of psychedelic aesthetics.

Check it out:

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