Feed Your Harry Potter Addiction with this Fanfiction Comic

The world of Harry Potter gave us a lot. In fact, it gave us so much and grew so near to our hears, that we are left wanting more, although that hasn’t always had the best result (we are speaking of a certain play about Harry’s children going to Hogwarts to hang out with Voldemort’s children… well, they can’t all be winners).

Many times the magical world of the books swallowed us whole. We were so enthralled by its fabric, that we wished to journey through the ordinary days of the witches and wizards attending Hogwarts.

Luckily for our greedy fan base, Brussels-based artist Emily McGovern has created a  hilarious comic that can feed our Harry Potter addiction. The My Life as a Background Slytherin comic imagines what was going on in the
Hogwarts while the books’ central trio, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, were off gallivanting to save the world.

The central character of the comic, Emily, is a “background Slytherin” who tries to help Draco fulfill his evil plans. The comic touches upon fan fiction favorites, such as the Harry-Draco shipping, Snape’s dramatic persona, and Dumbledore’s fabulous fashion sense and indubitable lunacy.

Scroll down to check it out!

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