Mary Maka’s Illustrations are Inspired By Fantasy and Nature

Portugal-based artist Mary Maka creates illustrations and animations inspired by fantasy and nature. Plants and animals are the main subjects in her works, but they are depicted in a way that turns them into fantastical creatures.

Maka has a unique style that is characterized by the use of vibrant colors and adorning the subject with exaggerated features like lips, ears, and legs.

Maka created several nature-inspired series so far, including a particularly intriguing series called Endless Forest. The works from this series are dedicated to the works of Amos Tutuola. The late Nigerian writer is known for his short stories that were influenced by folk tales of West Africa’s ethnic group Yoruba.

In Endless Forest, Maka tried to bring the spirited animals from Tutuola’s stories to life in her own unique way.

“Nature is the main source of inspiration for me, with all its forms and flow. Plants and animals are often in my illustrations,” Maka shares on her website. “And when I need an interesting hero, I know where to look — the subway. Seriously, it always works! I met all my characters there. If you combine everything together, you get amazing stories.”

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