Artist Creates Watercolor Comics Inspired By “Resident Evil”

Resident Evil is one of the most iconic video game franchises. As such, it has been an inspiration for countless artists who use the motifs, themes, and style of Resident Evil games for their own art. One of them is Welsh artist Rhiannon Kagoe.

Kagoe has a cool series of comics that are inspired by the world of Resident Evil, especially the 2021 video game Resident Evil Village. Her works capture the feel of the game, using its characters and scary atmosphere, but are also humorous and relatable.

Another thing that makes Kagoe’s comics unique is the way she creates them. Unlike most comic artists, Kagoe paints her comics with watercolors and does minimum digital interventions on them. This results in a captivating style that makes each panel a work of art on its own.

According to Kagoe, her passion for comics and video games dates back to her childhood. She used to draw all sorts of comics as a way to amuse herself while also spending a lot of free time playing video games. When she grew up, she decided to bring together those two into her current project.

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