Marcus Oakley’s Art Speaks to Our Inner Child

Scotland-based graphic artist Marcus Oakley plays with shapes, textures, and colors, creating a delightful universe that can appeal to both children and adults. With inspiration from both retrospective and contemporary culture, his influences include the Beach Boys; the pastoral and folkloric delights of the countryside; the joys of cycling; as well as the overall wonders of making stuff. 

Originally from Norfolk, Oakley graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a degree in Fine Art & Graphic design. “It was a multidisciplinary degree,” he relayed in an interview with The Make Bank, “and I was able to study many aspects of art and design including type-setting & letterpress, typography, silkscreen printing, video art, bookmaking, conceptual art, painting, illustration & graphic design.”

“At school and college I was very fortunate to have supportive teachers and family who saw I was very genuine in my interest in art & design,” he notes. “I think without this support it would have been much harder for me to thrive in a subject I enjoyed so much and still continue to enjoy today.”

With creativity oozing from him, his work is informed by his thoughts and daydreams. But Oakley also acknowledges the importance of hard work. “Its so important to making and keep making, draw and keep drawing,” he stresses.

For illustration projects, he usually works with pen and computer. But his more personal projects can include anything from paper and cardboard, to wood, paint, ink, hammer, nails, and glue. “It’s fun to play with random materials and it’s important for me to keep moving forward, looking for the melody and harmony in my work.”

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