Andrius Banelis Has an Eye for Beauty

Illustrator and graphic designer Andrius Banelis has captured our hearts with his minimalist style of illustrations, reminding us of vintage movie posters or the ideal book cover (and yes, we absolutely judge a book by its cover).

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Banelis admits he likes to keep things simple, yet informative—a philosophy he sticks to in his art practice, as well as day to day life. Attracted to beauty and simplicity, he once reflected in an interview with Ballpitmag that “art and beautiful things are whispering to us important details about good life. I guess sometimes we find beautiful things when we are searching for qualities we need but are missing in our lives. Beautiful things and art, they help to educate us.”

According to Banelis, whether consciously or subconsciously, he is inspired by everything around us. “Films and books are a huge inspiration,” he adds. “A long time ago, while I was watching Alfred Hitchcock movies, I discovered Saul Bass, he is one of my favorites.”

His work, mostly digital, is very much informed by his hand drawings. “Usually, I work digitally, but I really like hand drawing, so I try to mix both,” he notes. The result is very much on point.