Delve Into Weaving with Lucy Poskitt

Never in recent modern history has there been a time to dedicate ourselves to a slower, more meaningful pace. Slow living here we come… Our first stop: weaving.

Textile Lucy Poskitt is prepared to teach us what it takes. Based in Victoria, BC, she teaches weaving workshops across Canada, but you can also be inspired from afar by following her Instagram page.

Working with a looser and more experimental hand, Poskitt draws inspiration from local landscapes and lore and works with the belief that with the proper techniques under your belt you can confidently create and explore your own style.

According to Poskitt, workshop materials and supplies are locally sourced or handmade when possible.”Most of my professional work is made with traditional materials–wool, linen, and cotton yarn,” she noted in an interview with KOEL Stories. “When I’m creatively stuck or have time to play around, I really enjoy more unusual, less traditional fibers–horsehair, leather scraps, paper, ropes and trims, wood veneer, mylar… you name it!”

Her techniques include frame-loom weaving—a style of weaving that is fast to set up, easy to use, and portable. According to her website, this technique is most often used to make tapestry-style weavings, ie – decorative art pieces that will hang on the wall as art when completed – but looms can also be used for making small pieces that could be used as jewellery, placemats, coasters, a bit of fabric to use as a panel on a cushion, and more.