Lucy Simpson Creates Amazing Photorealistic Embroidery Art

Lucy Simpson is a British artist who specializes in photorealistic embroidery. Using just needles and threads, she captures even the most minor features of objects in her embroidery art, resulting in impressive and detailed decorative pieces.

Simpson had an interest in embroidery since a young age but only picked it up as a hobby in 2017. She started with simple cross-stitching that used patterns and quickly developed her own realistic style of embroidery.

According to the artist, she doesn’t use patterns, kits, or tutorials. Instead, she directly observes the subjects of her works, mostly decorative glasses, bottles, and decanters. The process is demanding and long, with some more elaborate pieces taking around 200 hours to be completed.

“It’s a slow process, and as a person who isn’t naturally patient, it’s a real endurance test for me,” Simpson told Colossal in a recent chat. “I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a piece.”

Simpson showcases her creations on her social media under the name Peacocks and Pinecones. She reveals she doesn’t offer tutorials or patterns for her works, but most of her pieces are available for sale. Continue scrolling to see more of this amazing photorealistic embroidery below.