Let There Be Art: Anthony James Works with Light and Mirrors

It’s hard not to be transfixed by Anthony James’ performative sculptures and installations. An exploration of light and space, his art gestures towards minimalism with the result being both ethereal and wholly material.

In one series – called the Portals Series – he creates stunning installations (which he calls Portals or Icosahedrons) out of titanium, LED lights, and transparent mirrors. According to James, he was greatly inspired by the historical cosmology of Plato. “The Icosahedron is the highest and most beautiful geometric shape of the five platonic bodies and is associated with the element water,” he said. “Water is all about flow, movement, and unity.”

“Anthony James’ work takes up the concepts of the universal and transcendental in order to demonstrate the impossibility of their representation,” art historian Rachel Baum went on to explain. “The historical cosmology of Plato is a primary inspiration, both for the sculptures of icosahedrons and for the silhouette of Baroque architecture Francesco Borromini’s dome for Sant’Ivo in Rome.”

Exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, and art fairs, James’ art is best experienced live. But you can catch some sprinkles of magic online, through his Instagram page.

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