Laura Dalla Vecchia is Using Dried Leaves as a Canvas for Her Bird Embroidery

Instagram is home to more embroidery artists than we can count and you have to do something truly unique to leave your mark. Laura Dalla Vecchia is doing just that and she’s using dried leaves as a canvas for her works that mostly depict different species of birds.

Based in Curitiba, Brazil, Vecchia inherited her love for art and handicrafts from her mother, while still managing to create something that’s completely her own. Her brand Leveza Art emerged from her enchantment with nature, especially with birds, and she put a lot of effort into translating their beauty through her embroidery.

Unlike most embroidery artists, Vecchia doesn’t waste her time with embroidery hoops and woven fabrics. She developed a completely new embroidery form by using dried leaves as a canvas instead, making her embroidery as natural and sustainable as possible.

In addition to having a talent for this art form, it also comes in handy that Vecchia was a biology student. She’s very familiar with different bird species in her home country of Brazil, and she’s using her art to shed some light on them, especially endangered species on the brink of extinction. Her Instagram page has attracted over 100,000 followers so far, and she’s using it to raise awareness about the delicate creatures she loves so much.