Yukiko Tanzi is Spreading Joy Through Food After Surviving a Life-Threatening Illness

Yukiko Tanzi is one of the food bloggers with a colorful Instagram page, whose life seems to be all rainbows and butterflies, but it wasn’t always that way. Baking helped her find joy during her darkest days, while she was facing a life-threatening illness that completely altered the course of her life.

When she first started her food blog and Instagram page @foodie.yuki in 2017, Tanzi was using it as a creative outlet and a coping mechanism. She was diagnosed with severe heart disease and had to undergo multiple heart transplants on her road to recovery.

Those days are long behind her and baking helped her find joy and positivity when she was filing most hopeless. She’s always seen it as a therapeutic experience, and used food as an “expression of love” and “the glue that brings and holds people together”.

Tanzi’s Instagram page now has over 270,000 followers, and it offers countless recipes for some of the most picture-perfect desserts that you’ll ever come across. Her sweet treats come in all the colors of the rainbow and radiate with as much positivity as the women who baked them. From macarons and donuts to beautifully decorated bread and pies, there’s something for everyone on her Instagram page, so make sure to check it out.