Korean Artist Creates Amazing Anime Characters Based on Animals

When looking at anime characters, most of us wonder how the artist came up with their looks, clothes, and other features. And more often than not we never get the answer—which makes us appreciate the artworks of Korean artist Nitro even more.

Nitro creates amazing anime characters that he shares on his Instagram profile that has close to 70k subscribers. His most recent series of works is based on domestic and wild animals, and he is very open about the source of his inspiration.

While creating a character, he tries to include as many distinctive features from a particular animal into his design. Whether it’s the chameleon’s colorful skin or bison’s long face, it is easy to figure out the species that the piece was based on. In case you can’t get it right away, Nitro makes sure to include a small photo of the animal so you can compare and get a cool insight into his creative process.

We can’t help but wonder how an anime with these characters would look like. Let’s hope someone starts working on it soon. Until then, let’s check Nitro’s works below.