Artist Starts a Magic-Themed Drawing Challenge and The Illustrations are Beautiful

As an interactive media designer, Deborah always loves finding new ways to inspire and engage her audience. Recently, she came up with a creative idea for a drawing challenge centered around the theme of magic. She named it Magiktober. And to her surprise, many artists participated.

To kick off the challenge, Deborah created a prompt list filled with magical concepts and characters. Some of the prompts included drawing a spell jar, old ruins, owls, fog and other.

From the first to the last day of October, the graphic designer, motion designer, 3D and frontend developer has drawn 31 adorable illustrations which she posted on her social media.

She is self-taught in illustration and concept art, and she works with digital media as well as traditional ones like watercolor. She enjoys working in teams and alone, and she loves, above all else, coming up with great creative ideas.