The Intuitive Snow Designs of Sonja Hinrichsen

Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you: winter is indeed snowier than ever. During the past decade or so, snowstorms have become stronger and more frequent, and data shows that since the 1990s, all the major megalopolis cities have been slammed by mega-snowstorms. 

But at least for some of us, snow can provide the perfect excuse for some outdoor fun. Most recently, we’ve been inspired by Sonja Hinrichsen’s art project, Snow Drawings. Using snow as her canvas, Hinrichsen creates intricate patterns that can only be fully appreciated from above.

“From the ground, it’s not possible to see it all, because the area is flat, especially if we are working on a lake,” explained the artist in an interview with My Modern Met. “There is no way to get a perspective of the piece.”

Wearing snowshoes, each piece is created by Hinrichsen, as well as local volunteers, which she guides through the landscape. The process itself relies on intuition and group work, as Hinrichsen plows through the snow.

“It’s very intuitive, meaning that it happens in the moment, in the process,” she relayed, stressing that the snow drawings are never preconceived or sketched out beforehand. “There’s no pre-designed scene that I’m laying out on the snow,” says Hinrichsen. “I don’t make a drawing on a sheet of paper or on the computer and transfer it onto the snow.”

And while the end result is impressive, it isn’t meant to last. Ephemeral by design, Hinrichsen explains she isn’t interested in creating lasting artworks in a world that is already swamped with man-made objects. Take a look at some of her snowy creations in the gallery below.