K-Pop Sensation BTS Gets Its Own LEGO Set

After teasing a new set dedicated to K-Pop sensation BTS earlier this month, LEGO has now officially revealed more details about the release. The BTS set will be based on the group’s music video for Grammy Award-nominated single “Dynamite” and will be released in March.

The set has already made its way on the LEGO official website with a price tag of $99.99. It will come with 749 pieces, and mini figures of the group’s members RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook dressed in retro outfits they wore for the disco scenes in the video.

After building the set, LEGO aficionados will be able to recreate various scenes from the “Dynamite” music video. The toymaker paid great attention to details, including the donut shop with accompanying elements like DONUTS sign and donut accessories, the record store with brick albums including “Dynamite” on as a vinyl record, and even the ice-cream truck.

It is important to note that the idea for the set actually came from a pair of LEGO enthusiasts and BTS fans Josh Bretz and Jacob. The two created the set from stock LEGO bricks and presented it on LEGO Ideas, a website that allows users to submit their ideas that could potentially be turned into an official set. It received the necessary 10K votes from other users in late 2021 and is now finally seeing the light of day.