Artist Imagines Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters as Babies

We rarely get to see what some of our favorite pop culture characters looked like when they were babies. Whether it’s a movie, TV show, or a video game, we usually catch up with them once they are already grown up. But artist Topher Welsh is on a mission to fix that with his most recent series.

Using the Artificial Intelligence program Midjourney, Welsh creates illustrated baby versions of your favorite pop culture characters. This includes baby musicians like Eminem, baby superheroes like Spider-Man, and baby versions of Disney princesses.

These babies are the most adorable thing not only ever but also easily recognizable thanks to the features they share with their grown-up versions.

Welsh is one of the artists that fully embraced artificial intelligence programs as part of his creative process. He knows that some people don’t view it as art but believes the backlash against AI art is simply a product of people having “a lack of understanding of its use and how it works.”

“Every generation has a new set of tools that can replace older models. For instance, photography had backlash from landscape painters, and digital painting received backlash from photographers and traditional artists alike,” Welsh explained in a recent chat with Bored Panda.

Whether you are a fan of AI art or not, you will probably find Welsh’s baby pop culture characters irresistible. So check out more of them below.