Julieta Álvarez Takes Ceramic Art to the Next Level

Ceramic art is where the cool kids are at. From kitchen to garden, we are undeniably living in the age of ceramics. And thanks to the ingenuity of sister Julieta and Rocio Álvarez, you can now also incorporate ceramics into your wardrobe.

Based in Madrid, the signature-ceramic brand is named after Julieta Álvarez, with all of their products handmade and therefore – one of a kind. With a background in fashion and graphic design, Álvarez says she loves the versatility of ceramics. “I’m in love with ceramic because is a material that allows almost everything,” she told Cup of Couple. “You can experiment with it, try new things, learn, make jewelry, sculptures or just disconnect from the world and lose track of time.”

Structural in nature, the sisters’ pieces – which include accessories and deco – have been shown at galleries, stores, and international museums such as the Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Luxembourg or the Reina Sofía in Madrid, amongst others.

“I’m so interested in contrasts,” says Álvarez. “When you look at nature you can find geometric shapes, symmetries and repeated patterns following a mathematical behavior, but at the same time, you find chaos, disorder, poetry, and shapes without any coherence.”

Here are some of our favorite pieces by the brand: