Hazel Zakariya’s Edible Art Is Tasty and Healthy

“For the love of food, florals, films and all things inspired,” reads Hazel Zakariya’s Instagram caption. An illustrator and a foodie, Zakariya has found a creative way to combine her passions through food art. In fact, it was food art that reignited her love of art. “I’ve rediscovered my love for painting and drawing,” she reflected in an interview with Martha Stewart, “and it’s great to create art that is edible and tasty too.”

Her medium of choice? A colorful bowl of smoothie. “It’s become a fun platform for me to express and challenge myself creatively,” explained Zakariya. “Personally, it’s also a great mindfulness practice. And smoothies are a good way to enjoy more fruits and vegetables.”

The finished piece also provides her and her husband a tasty, healthy treat. With the smoothies themselves made of cream, milk, fruits, and berries, the drawings are later painted using coconut cream, almond milk, spices, herbs, and vegetable powders.

A market analyst by day, Zakariya turns to her food art on her time off. With a love for pop culture, her creations often reference movies and cartoon characters, appealing to both adults and children. Take a look at her tasty creations below and share with us your favorites: