Japanese Artist Creates Miniature Scenes Using Everyday Objects

Tatsuya Tanaka is a Japanese artist who creates amusing miniature scenes by combining figurines with everyday objects. In Tanaka’s works, chicken bones become weights, chocolate cubes turn into fertile grounds, and sliced onion proudly stands in for Sydney’s Opera House.

Tanaka draws inspiration for his creations from multiple sources. Sometimes he recreates scenes from ordinary life, while other times, he reflects on current trends and events happening around the world. Recently, he did several miniature scenes to commemorate the ongoing Winter Olympics in Beijing, including staging an ice-skating race on a disposable face mask.

What makes Tanaka’s works even more impressive is the fact that he has been creating a new scene every day for more than a decade. He originally started sharing his creations on his website in early 2011 and made a point to himself to upload one new scene each day until he ran out of ideas. Impressively, that still hasn’t happened, and the talented artist still manages to keep the same creative pace without missing a beat. To date, he made more than 4,000 entries to his Miniature Calendar project.

“Everyday occurrences seen from a miniature perspective can bring us lots of fun thoughts,” Tanaka explains.

Check out more of his works below.