Highlighting the Fragility of the Human Body Using Fiber

Here at 5dwallpaper, we often write about exciting new fiber artists. These are artists who use stitch and embroidery in fresh and unique ways. But even amongst fiber artists, Raija Jokinen’s work stands out.

Combining sculpture, painting, and textile, her work incorporates techniques used in other mediums, together with embroidery and textile art.

Comparing her work to painting, the Finnish artist explains that rather than paint, she uses fiber. Jokinen then uses stitching to form “drawn” lines and rice starch as a binder.

“I am interested in all techniques except printing,” Jokinen told Textile Artist. “My favorite techniques employ fibers and yarns.”

Her unique treatment of fiber is further enhanced by her chosen subjects and themes. A common theme throughout her work is the human body, creating vein-like structures that highlight the fragility of our bodies and limbs.

In order to create each piece, much preparation is needed beforehand. This preparation of fibers, says Jokinen can be compared to the process of mixing paint.

“After preparing the materials I start to ‘draw’ and ‘paint’ with the fibers,” she explains. “I have a rough sketch for the outline but in practice, the work is like painting and drawing, only with fibers. I add stitching to keep the fibers together and emphasize the image with ‘drawing’ and colors.”

The end result, albeit sometimes alarming, demands your attention.