Incredibly Detailed Embroideries That Look Like Paintings

Thread painting is not an easy thing to do. Embroidery can be difficult enough, especially for beginners, so we’re absolutely in awe when we see someone thread painting so skillfully like Jūra Gric.

Gric is a real master of mixing the colors by carefully placing the floss next to each other. Her work is absolutely stunning, often featuring green trees and calming environments. She also knows how to create a dramatic scene of burning fire and make it look as real as possible by using nothing but a needle and some thread.

“Very early on in my life I understood that I have an attraction to a certain kind of beauty, I tended to notice details and color combinations more than kids my age did,” the artist’s website reads. Her artwork is a response to those who destroy nature instead of celebrating and nurturing it.

In order to achieve the desired effect, Gric uses long and short stitches. To check out more of her work, go to her Instagram page or scroll down below to see our top picks.