Sisters Make Beautiful Jewelry Using Real Flowers

People have been wearing jewelry since ancient times. Made of wood, bones, gold, and various gemstones: earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets were an indicator of wealthiness. While in the past, jewelry wasn’t available to everyone, nowadays you can buy it everywhere: in stores and from crafters from all around the world.

Like, for example, from two sisters based in California—Lavinia and Kamelia, the owners and creators of a small business called L&K Elegance. The siblings make gorgeous jewelry made of resin, a product that has a beautiful, crystal clear surface and dries very quickly.

To make their stunning collection, they also use real and miniature flowers, flower petals, tiny leaves, sparkles, etc., which they overflow with resin. And the result is more than beautiful.

The jewelry is featured on their Instagram page, which has recently reached over 3,000 followers, and they have an Etsy store where you can purchase their creations.

Scroll down and check out the jewelry below. Don’t forget to support their business by liking the images.