Beautiful Embroideries on Tennis Rackets by Fiance Knowles

Embroidery work by Danielle Clough, who goes by the name Fiance Knowles, is pretty popular among the embroidery community. The artist has nearly 200,000 Instagram followers and is known for her beautiful stitch work. We recently noticed the designs she makes on discarded tennis rackets and they are so special and gorgeous!

Doing embroidery on something so unusual like tennis rackets is not seen very often. When you look closer, you’ll be impressed by her skill. When Magazine Horse asked her how long it takes to finish one racket, the artist replied, “From two days to a week or a week and a half. Because it is a laborious job. I paint or draw before and then I transfer the line of work in the racket, I fill the base and I make the details.”

She choses to do flowers because they are colorful, versatile, and universally beautiful. She chooses the flower and colors she will use based on her current mood. Her favorites are poppies, lilies, and proteas.

Find more of her work on Instagram and scroll down to see some of our favorite picks.