Illustrator Creates Little Paper Cutouts That Make Unforgettable Travel Photographs

Ana Stretcu is a gifted illustrator from Romania who moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands to pursue her career. She is best known as the creator of her paper cutout series called I was cutout for this.

“I was about to go on a 3-week trip and I wanted to keep a visual record of the experience,” the artist shared on her personal website. “I wanted it to be something special, not just photos that we take and never look at them again. And then I got the idea of creating little paper dolls of me and my boyfriend and taking them along for the ride. They would have their own little adventures in the real word.”

She was so pleased with her series that she doesn’t want to end it.

“I thought this project would come to a natural end when our trip ended, but the paper dolls were bitten by the travel bug so I decided to keep going,” she added. “And now they’re still going on little adventures, but usually closer to home.”

If you are curious to see more of her work, have a look on Instagram or on her website.