A Talented 11-Year-Old Girl Shares Remarkable Drawing Tutorials on Youtube

Isabella Brazhnikova, also known as Young Artist on social media, is a talented 11-year-old girl who made a YouTube channel to show everyone that she was drawing all her works myself without any help from her mother.

“It is always hard to believe that a child can draw like this, especially if her mother is an artist,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “But I was drawing all my life because I love drawing. And now as an 11-year-old I still prefer to create my own artworks. That’s how I see the world. I just love all animals and nature.”

Brazhnikova has been drawing all life, since she was a 3-years-old toddler, practicing for many hours every day. Every week, on her DRAW with Isabella YouTube channel, the little artist shares step by step tutorials on how to draw, craft, and create. She is also into building realistic scenery dioramas and miniatures models.

Scroll down for the illustrations and follow her on YouTube for more.