Graffiti Artist Paints Animals On Plastic Wrap

Evgeny Ches is a Moscow, Russia-based artist who began his graffiti career at the end of the 20th century. Now he still paints on the streets, but uses various materials as his canvases. One day, eight years ago he came up with the idea to paint his graffiti on a transparent plastic wrap located in the forest. He named it Cellograffiti, and in 2014 he painted his first animal.

โ€œIt was an experiment to take urban art and move it from the streets to a natural landscape,โ€ Ches shared on Bored Panda. โ€œIn our world, plastic is a big problem and a lot of animals suffer from plastic pollution caused by people but in my artwork animals and plastic exist together. I paint most of my artwork during the events or in the parks and later remove all the plastic wrap for recycling.โ€

You can find Chesโ€™ artwork on his Instagram account where he has attracted over 91.5 thousand followers.

Scroll down and take a look at his more of his work below.