Give Us a Kiss! Einstein the Havanese Pup Will Melt Your Heart

Four-year-old Havanese rescue pup, Einstein, will easily win you over. Also known as Panda, his hobbies include playing chase, cuddles, meeting new people, and making humans laugh. His dislikes, on the other hand, include rain, fireworks, and angry people.

According to his owner, Einstein (aka Panda) was found as a stray on Capitol Hill at about six months old. “He is happy, friendly, and goofy!” they told Hello Bark! “He loves to play with his dog and people friends alike, is a serious cuddler and with me, is absolutely the stereotypical ‘velcro dog,'” they went on to say.

Considered a great lap dog, his owner shared that Havanese dogs, in general, are very friendly and affectionate, and tend to be easy to train. “If Einstein could only do one thing for the rest of his life, it would be sitting in my lap kissing my face,” they note. “He is loyal almost to a fault, and attached to my heels wherever we go.”

His quirky personality also means there is never a dull moment with the pup, and luckily for us these moments are captured and shared on his Instagram page. “Havanese are also incredibly cute,” add the owner, “small, fluffy, and the perfect size to tote around town!”

Another reminder for potential pet owners to adopt—and not shop, this holiday season. Scroll down to see some recent photos of Einstein.