Sella Molenaar Poignantly Celebrates the Female Form

Amsterdam based illustrator Sella Molenaar admits to being fascinated by the female body: “I would like to capture the female essence in all its endless shapes and variations,” she writes on her website. “Every woman is an inspiration to me.”

Her work, defined by intuitive lines, simplicity, and elegance, celebrates femininity in all its multitude and variety. Through it, Molenaar aims to contribute to a positive and empowering image of women as we strive for a better and more inclusive world.

“I believe everyone deserves equal opportunities in life, regardless of their gender,” said Molenaar in a recent interview with Form over Function. “But because I think we live in a world that favors men, I think it’s important to give women a voice or stage. That’s why I enjoy celebrating female qualities, such as softness and fluidity—which play an important part in my creative process.”

She explains that her mission is for her drawings to highlight the beauty of things that are usually covered or hidden. “As my personality developed over the years, so did my drawings,” explains Molenaar. “I evolved as a woman, learning and caring more about themes like sustainability and feminism. That personal shift of focus is clearly noticeable in my drawings.”

Her shift in attitude seems to have paid off, attracting collaboration with fashion brands as big as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Chloé, and M.A.C.