French Artist Sorts Her Favorite Cartoon Characters by Color

Linda Bouderbala is a Paris, France based artist and illustrator who came up with an idea to sort famous fictional characters by color. She describes herself as a “French illustrator, eternal nostalgic!” who is fond of geek and pop culture.

31-year-old Bouderbala is also an art director and character designer; she has been doing art from a young age, ever since she learned how to hold a pen. She creates a lot of interesting projects, like transforming male cartoon characters into female characters, merging famous pop cultural figures into one figure, and showing what cartoon characters buy at the supermarket.

The artist shares her work on her website, where you can purchase some of her prints and on Instagram where she has attracted more than 34.5 thousand followers.

To see more of Bouderbala’s work, check out the gallery below. Which color is your favorite? Did she incorporate your most loved fictional character?