Former Nurse Makes Rustic Pottery that Looks Like it Was Made in the Past

The New Zealand-born, Australia-based Sandra Tyson worked as a nurse in a Neurosurgical Department for 29 years, but, unfortunately, at the age of 36, she was diagnosed with a rare form of heart disease, which caused her to completely change her lifestyle. Being a crafty person since youth, she started making stunningly beautiful pottery, which was of the things she wanted to cross off her bucket list.

Every hand-made textural ceramic bowls, plates, and spoons are unique and inspired by the things that surround her, especially nature. One day she would like to write a book about tips and tricks on how to turn negative things into positive. Besides doing her pottery, Tyson has a great eye for photography, likes to travel, and has been holding motivational workshops.

“My husband and daughter are my biggest supporters and heroes and I also have some beautiful friends who continue to support me and my craft,” the artist told in an interview for Shibui and co. and added that, although she considers pottery making her hobby, it brings a smile to her face when she sees a happy customer.

If you want to see her creations, check out the gallery below.