Canadian Fashion Designer Makes the Most Beautiful Fall Sweaters

Image via honeybeadesignhive/Instagram

Autumn has the perfect weather for cozy cardigans, beanies, and sweaters. And if you are one of those persons who like wearing unique clothing pieces, then you need to check out Honeybea Designhive’s colorful wardrobe created by a Toronto-based girl.

Rebecca Caulford dreamed of becoming an artist and little did she know, her path would lead her into becoming a fashion designer. Her story began at 15 when her mom introduced her to the sewing machine. She said in an interview for A Quarter Young that has never been into the fashion industry.

“I relate more to an artisanal community. Anything from painting to textile art to illustration, even pottery, really speaks to me. More than something like fashion week, even though I am a fashion designer,” Caulford explained and added that with her items she wants to promote an eco-friendly world.

To see her creations, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to follow her Instagram page if you like what you see.