Food Artist Creates Rice Balls in the Shape of Animals

They say you should never play with your food. And while that is good advice, it shouldn’t be applied when playing with food results in impressive food art.

One artist from Japan, known as Onigiri Gekijo, has rice as his favorite food to play with. And he uses it to make rice balls in the shape of animals, pop culture characters, and various objects.

Rice balls, or onigiri in Japan, are a popular dish that consists of white rice and nori (edible seaweed) wrap. They can have various fillings and are commonly sold in markets, restaurants, or on the street.

Gekijo started making his unusual food art a few years ago. He applied to a rice ball contest and liked the experience so much that he decided to start creating rice balls in different shapes.

Originally, he was sharing his works on YouTube, where he also posted detailed tutorials about his techniques and the entire process. He later started having a presence on social media, where he quickly gained a big following thanks to adorable rice cats and faithful rice recreation of Leon from the cult movie Léon: The Professional.

Check out more of his rice creations below.