This Artist Colors the World Around Him, One Building At a Time

It should come as little to no surprise that color affects our mood. Recent psychological studies confirm that we interpret our experience and surrounding as much through color as we do through shape, texture and sound. A subtle yet powerful tool, it informs the way we see and feel about our environment. That being said: we could all benefit from a punch of color in our day to day.

Here to lend us a helping hand is artist Okuda San Miguel. Known for his colorful murals and outlandish sculptures, San Miguel ascribes to the notion that more is more—especially when it comes to his color palettes. In fact, when it comes to his work (which is often described as Pop Surrealism), color takes front and center stage.

With a stated goal of “coloring the world”, the Spanish painter and sculptor employs all the colors of the rainbow when he paints his geometric patterns. Inspired and very much shaped by street culture, in particularly graffiti, his work aims at transforming the world we live in: turning grey concrete into a work of art.

“I aim at converting the monochromatic concrete structures and buildings into vibrant places that are filled with color and positivity,” writes San Miguel on his website. “Helping and hoping to change the lives of people. I want people to stop looking at the pavement and start looking up and around.”

Another goal of his is to make art more accessible to the common man. “Art must be present in public spaces constantly and my mission is to transform these spaces in a way that passing through them is an enjoyable experience,” he notes.

Indeed, his art can be enjoyed around the world in the streets of countries like India, Japan, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, and Spain. Take a look at some recent noteworthy projects of his on Instagram.